When You’re in Love

When you love, there’s more than just a mouthful of pain,
You go crazy down the streets. Wide awake all night
You have to eat whatever kind of taste it may bring to your tongue
Whether sweet or bitter or a combination of both tears and laugh.
When you love, it make photographs in your nightstand
You look into it deep, see a million reasons to smile
But you hear the thunderstorms knocking in your window pane
It breaks your heart with a crumpled paper in your hand.

Cause when you’re in love your addicted to that scent,
You smell in the bed sheets never want to let it go
Please never let it go
Cause when you open up the door and let her in,
You know you have everything that you need
She’s all you need
Cause when you’re in love your taking photographs of every moment,
Even though you feel like crying
I know you’re crying
Cause when you hug her from her back
You feel the needles in your chest
Her back is in your chest.
Cause you’re in love
You got to go through everything.

When you feel it, it simply gets easier, then gets complicated
You involve yourself into something big.
Bigger than the galaxies in the universe.
When you try to figure it, you’re solving an equation without a correct answer,
You can spend your whole life stuck in a room with out a door,
But you’ll never know what it means, what it want to say or what it knows.
Only when you give up.

Cause when you’re in love you know there’s no going back,
You got to cry, you got to laugh, but you never want to go.
Never let her go
Cause when the sun starts to rise
you know you’ll seeing her again,
And you try to kiss her passionately
Kiss her slowly
Cause when you’re in love your mind runs a thousand miles out of the country,
And you just fly there through the wind,
And when you close the curtains in the bedroom to hide the sunset,
You know she’s sleeping in your arms again
You will be making love again.

He was in love
She was in love
They were in love
But they still cry without telling each other,
Though they’re trying to be better
‘Cause they’re better

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